• Fashion
  • LBD for Valentine’s Day!

    Without even realising, February has already begun. It feels like yesterday when we were wishing each other happy new years and woops, it is Feb already! I am not the Valentine’s kind a person but I am sure there are many of you guys who look forward to this day. Hence, I have got you […]

  • Fashion
  • Making Work Wear Fun!

    Besides being a blogger I am currently studying Fashion Designing. I am in my last year which means I will soon be moving from ‘part time ‘ to ‘full time’. Luckily for the field that I am in, I am not supposed to be formally dressed for my work unless ofcourse I want to. Having […]

  • Fashion
  • Jumper-ing in Shein!

    Delhi winters have always been confusing for me for the past couple of years. The temperature changes with multiple decibels everyday. Sometimes even during the same day! Having set that, I always make sure of layering so that I can put on or remove the jacket/ coat depending on how cold I am feeling at […]

  • Fashion
  • Delhi Winters

    Winter season is my favourite. Specifically, because I love winter clothes. I am all for oversized sweaters, boots, turtle necks and infinity scarfs throughout the winters. This is one of the everyday looks that I put together on a typical chilly Delhi winter morning. Generally, I wear infinity scarfs with a bun but this time […]

  • Food
  • A Meal At The Roadhouse Cafe

    Generally I am a little fussy about my food. I am not at all an experimental person when it comes to food. I mostly prefer sticking to the food I like. I hate being disappointed after trying new food items and hence I do not always try newer dishes. Weird but true! Some days back […]

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  • NYE’17 Outfit Inspiration

    It is that time of the year when everyone or the other is busy attending fancy parties. I am not a major party person but once in a while does not hurt anyone! Currently I putting together outfits with tops/blouses with interesting details. I have always been scrolling through the ‘All About You by Deepika […]