Prepping Up to Be Skin Ready!


I hope how tiring it can be to be busy in all the preps for the festive season.

Diwali cleaning, choosing the right gift for your family and friends, Diwali parties, meeting your loved ones and much more. In all of this, we tend to generally ignore taking good care of our skin.

Today, I shall introduce you to a few products that I think would help you keep your skin clean and ready for the festivities.

All these products are natural and handmade by ‘Aroma Essentials’. All of these are fresh and made specially to order.



  1. Rose Face Wash– the first and the most important part of your skin care regime should be washing your face atleast twice a day. It helps remove all impurities and dust off your face. The rose facewash from Aroma Essentials consists of rose oil and geranium oil and is great for dry skin.



  1. Lip Scrub– As important it is to keep your lips nourished and moisturized, it is as importance to regularly scrub your lips to prevent pigmentation on the lips.



  1. D- Tan Scrub– running around errands while keeping up with all the preparations of Diwali, tanning is something that is bound to happen. To avoid that, I recommend using the ‘D-Tan Scrub’ to not let the tan settle on your skin. This one from Aroma Essentials consists of citrus peels,oats,rose petals, papaya,aloe vera , natural ahas , mulethi and orange oil.




  1. D-Tan Face Mask-As a part of the tan removal process, use made up of bentonite clay, sandalwood oil, vitamin E, kaolin and honey.


I hope you keep up with the skin care regime and are Diwali ready with glowing and healthy skin.


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Geetika Sehgal


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