A Meal At The Roadhouse Cafe

Generally I am a little fussy about my food. I am not at all an experimental person when it comes to food. I mostly prefer sticking to the food I like. I hate being disappointed after trying new food items and hence I do not always try newer dishes. Weird but true!

Some days back I was hosted by the Roadhouse Cafe for a meal at their outlet in Greater Kailash-I, M-block market. I had been to the cafe once before with a bunch of friends and hence, I was aware of their menu and stuff so I went in with a mind frame of being experimentative with my food choices and explore the different tastes they have to offer.

It was a three course meal at their roof top area with started with the ‘Mediterranean Mezze Platter‘. This included portions of tatziki and homemade lavash, chitpole hummus and pita bread, Lebanese cigar rolls, knuckle crushed potatoes and fried mushroom with oriental relish. It is quite a variety for a platter and my favourite pick were the knuckle crush potatoes and Lebanese cigar rolls. I wasnt too impressed by the fried mushroom.

The second course being the main course comprised of fusion fries, fettuccine alfredo pasta and the jardinier pizza since pastas and pizzas top the list of being their specialties.

When I say I prefer sticking to ‘food of my choice’, it generally includes pizzas and pastas. I can have a pizza during whatever time of the day. Hence, I was really excited to try the jardinier pizza. The pasta was well cooked, al-dente as I would like it to be. Though I was a a little less impressed by the pizza. It was great but perhaps I had expected more of it.

One thing that I definitely vouch for is that each dish is quite filling. Even though the two courses made me almost full, spotting their tempting dessert options made me crave to try one atleast. Hence, I went in for a chocolate brownie banoffee since I was really excited to taste their infusion of tastes into the otherwise regular banoffees pies . The layers of the chocolate brownie and the banoffee were well in sync with each other in every bit.

All in all , I really enjoyed my lunch at Roadhouse Cafe.

To sum up everything, I would say the cafe has quite an interesting menu with interesting dishes to offer. Value for money is also great since the portion of each dish is filling. My favourites from all the things I ate were the Mediterranean platter and the fettuccine alfredo pasta! 

Roadhouse is definitely a must visit if you want to enjoy a good meal with a much of friends with a chilled out vibe. Even though the seating at the rooftop area is limited, the cafe has a two storied space that would keep you hooked onto your meal.


Photography By– Urvi Soni

Geetika Sehgal


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