Brightening Up the Day, The Good Way!

I often see myself reaching for ‘on the way’ food or beverage options since I am always running late! Most of the times I see myself reaching for juice cans or tetra packs to gain some energy and freshen myself.

Most of the times I feel the fruit content in the juices are actually really less as compared to the quantity of the actual juice content.


Recently, I came across the brand, ‘Good Juicery’ who sent me three of their juice cans.

The first thing that impressed me the most was the packaging-the vibrant colored cans.

Just by seeing the cans made me feel brightened and fresh already.


These sparkling juices come in three variants- Sparkling Apple, Sparkling Pink Guava and Sparkling Passion Fruit.

The juices are made with no preservatives, artificial flavors or colours.

The fact that they use two fruits per can, I think it is a great deal for a Rs.65 can.

You can figure out the authenticity of this fact as soon as you taste any of their variants. Totally worth the price!

Besides the fruitful taste, Good Juicery contributes to the environment by recycling the cans as far as possible.


If you are in Delhi,Mumbai or Pune, you are eligible to free delivery from Good Juicery.

To place orders and see other details, visit their website or call on 08408040863 .

You can visit different stores mentioned on the website to get individual cans.

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Geetika Sehgal

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