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  • EAT Any Time !


    We all have those times when we are craving for snacks but are not enough hungry. Those times when sudden hunger pangs hit you and you see yourself reaching out to unhealthy snacks! I always like to keep a little something with me while I am out of the house to curb the hunger pangs […]

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  • Childhood in a Tub

    I could never imagine eating the childhood fav candy floss from anything besides woven on a stick. When I came across ‘Sugar Threads’, I was purely stunned and happy to see how this timeless candy has been transformed into a number of flavors in a tub form. Sugar Threads is making candy floss with various […]

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  • Cold Pressed with Just Pressed


    I have never been a diet conscious person. Never even bothered to look towards anything on those grounds. Recently, there a lot of ‘pressed juices’ and ‘detox juices’ coming up by different brands. Just when I thought I should take a look at them, ‘Just Pressed’ happily sent me over their detox plan having 6 […]

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  • Sugar Rush


    The festive season has begun all across India and no festivity is complete without ample amount of desserts. Recently I have been really liking cake jars, cupcakes, brownies, etc. Generally, the cupcakes and iced cakes I have come across are either too sweet or tasteless. It has been really hard to find someone who can […]

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  • Food On Tap!


    Gurgaon! The technology hub which sometimes gets submerged in water, nonetheless people here never lose their hope, do they? 😉 Well, there are certain things that we can’t control, but we can control our fitness and health to face these issues. 😀 Gurgaon has plethora of cafes, restaurants, booze houses and what not! But what […]