EAT Any Time !

We all have those times when we are craving for snacks but are not enough hungry.

Those times when sudden hunger pangs hit you and you see yourself reaching out to unhealthy snacks!

I always like to keep a little something with me while I am out of the house to curb the hunger pangs !

EAT Anytime bars are the healthier replacement to the unhealthy options in such times!

And guess what, these have really low sugar and fat content. Instead, they contain a lot of minerals, omega 3 and fibre contents that make them the perfect healthy snack! These are made up of 100%  natural ingredients.


1.Mango Ginger -Going down the memory to the childhood memories dwelling around all the mango dishes we craved for! This one is exactly that with a dash of ginger flavour!

2.Orange – made up of dehydrated fruits to attain their natural flavour! The best part is when you crackle the chunks of oats and almonds!

3.Choco Peanut Butter -I personally am not a huge fan of peanut butter! But, if you love peanut butter, this bar is surely the one for you!

4.Butterscotch – having almonds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds oats and sunflower seeds as their key ingredients, this bar is another perfect healthy option. As the name suggests, the major essence of this flavour has to be butterscotch!

Retailing for Rs.50 each, you can buy these bars from the Eat website or through Amazon !





Geetika Sehgal

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