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Gurgaon! The technology hub which sometimes gets submerged in water, nonetheless people here never lose their hope, do they? 😉

Well, there are certain things that we can’t control, but we can control our fitness and health to face these issues. 😀

Gurgaon has plethora of cafes, restaurants, booze houses and what not!

But what about when someone want to eat something healthy without spending a gazillion rupees? Well, then FirstEat comes to the rescue for your health. Healthy meals are now just a tap away!

They make sure that you don’t take your health for granted and have designed their menu accordingly.

They’ve a few diet plans which you can subscribe which are curated by well known nutritionists.


Coming to food:

1.       A little cute pack of masala crackers for the starters, haha, thanks! 😛

2.       Nutritious poha: Well, we all know how healthy poha is and it’s termed as one of the best ways to start the day due to it’s nutrition content. The poha was perfectly cooked with some groundnuts over the top and lemon to sprinkle. Lemon gave a bit of extra flavor and zing! Can’t really go wrong with Poha.


3.       Sautéed idli salad: We all know idli sambhar combination and masala idly, right? Well idli salad comes with a twist. Super soft, light and peppy idlis tossed in zingy masala with sautéed vegetables. Loved the vegetables and fluffy idlis. Gives you the energy to get through day. Doesn’t it?

4.       Sabudana Lockets: Surprising dish, right? Even I thought so. This was the best out of all!

First of all, it was air fried, had zero oil, thankyou! Even it had zero oil, the crunch was perfect. The lockets/balls were stuffed with assorted vegetables, dip these in mint chutney and you’ll love the flavors bursting out without worrying about the extra oil! 😉

5.       Veggie club sandwich: A simple sandwich with 3 layers of fresh brown bread, stuffed with cottage cheese, vegetables and bell peppers. A quick meal which fulfils the protein intake and one can have on the go.


6.       Grilled veg cutlet box: The cutlets looked really pretty, vibrant color, waiting for me to bite into them. Oh wait; firstly, which dip will be better, mint chutney/masala curd? Well I tried with both, obviously, because why not? 😀 and I liked it. Though it had a tad more salt but nonetheless, flavors were there and it was fulfilling. + they were air fried ;), so don’t worry about your health. How can you not love it?

7.       Buttermilk: It was bang on temperature, when delivered, take a sip and you’ll be in the land of freshness and goodness!


fsAdding on, check out their website, they have explained the nutritious breakdown of their food as well. So, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating.

Highly recommended for people who are on dieting, trying to shed some weight or people who just generally want to eat healthy food at a really fair price. After all, health is wealth.






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