For the Love of Chocolates!

We all love chocolates right? RIGHTTT?

What happens when we crave for chocolates but can’t find some? Oh Fudge, right? 😉

Never thought these guys were going to help me, haha!


Oh Fudge!! Is a start-up business for all the chocolate lovers. According to Pallavi Dudani, woman madly in love with chocolates, believes chocolate has always found its way through people’s hearts. Well, hard to disagree with that! 😉

They delivered the chocolates in a perfect condition, in a boss packaging. They totally know how to make a person’s experience premium, without even opening the box of joy.

Loved the small cute boxes in which they deliver the chocolates. The box made the experience premium! Not only that they’ve several other options for packaging to make it even better for gifting/corporate gifting.

Not only that, the shape, size, price, number of chocolates are just some of the parameters that can be modified as per the needs. The colour scheme of the boxes and ribbons can also be changed exactly the way you want. They can even print a gift card with company’s logo and personalized message and attach it to the beautiful chocolate assortments. All you have to do is submit your artwork or logo. Talk about flexibility! 😉



I got the delivery at the promised time. 2 really cute, really cute, boxes of chocolates (pink and purple). Was really excited by even looking at those.

Open the box and voila! Chocolates 😛

Again packed in similar colour scheme, tied by a green wire, because why not?

It’s the little thing that makes your experience better. Isn’t it?

The chocolates had two wraps on it, thank you!

I was delivered with:

–        Old school Roasted almond flavour: Well, I love roasted almond, I’m sure everyone else does that in their ice cream. But in a chocolate?

Well, I was flabbergasted when I took the first bite. The crunch of almond and perfect bittersweet chocolate around it! I really liked it!

–       Coffee: Alright I’m by no means a chocolate expert but I know when I enjoy something and certainly this was it! Really enjoyed the coffee flavour inside a bittersweet chocolate.

Well, all in all, I’m going to try their out of the box flavours which you don’t find anywhere like kiwi, paan n rose, orange etc. Which one are you going after? 😀

Whether you’re sending a gift to seal a business deal, wishing someone Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary, these guys are here to help you out.

And don’t worry, chocolate has a lot of health benefits also! 😉

+ Those boxes are staying with me for a while! 😀

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Geetika Sehgal

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