#GetInspired with Karnika Budhiraja, Editor and Founder of The FitLook Magazine

Being the person who always wants to try different things and careers options, I find myself always drawing inspiration from other people who work hard and justify their success each day.

Like me, I am sure there will be a lot of you guys too who would want to be inspired and know what all does it take to pave the success for yourself.

Hence, I bring to you a new series , #GetInspired through which I bring to you an inclusive interview of some amazing people from different industries who have managed to build and amazing life for themselves through a lot of hard work and perseverance .

Before I actually started blogging, I tried my hands on content writing. I used to freelance for a few websites. The first ever website I worked for was an online accessories brand called  ‘Fashion House Plush’ which was headed by Karnika Budhiraja Kathuria . Since freelancing really helped me gain confidence in my writing abilities, it was obvious to kick start this series with Karnika !


Karnika Budhiraja is a perfect example of how one can build a successful magazine from scratch if they are dedicated towards it.

Not only that, she is also a celebrity stylist. She has worked with celebrities like Gauhar Khan, Sana Khan, Anusha Dandekar, Divya Khosla Kumar, Guru Randhawa and many more.

I asked Karnika some questions about what all does it take to build a magazine like FitLook that is India’s first fitness and fashion magazine ( it is almost a year old ) and I have some fun and inspiring answers for you guys!






GS: During college when everyone else was still figuring out about their jobs and life after college, you were already running a successful online accessories store! How cool is that!!

What was your inspiration behind that?

KB:It’s a little hard to recall since it has been such a long time. I started with an online store for accessories ‘Fashion House Plush’ as soon as realised that people around me adored my sense of fashion in terms of accessories. So, I thought why not share it with everyone and influence them with my personal style. The last thing I know that soon after I started my store it became a trend on the campus.

As far as my inspiration is concerned, it is hard for a creative person like me to not find an inspiration in nitty gritty of everything I do or everywhere I go, whether it is a coffee shop, a restaurant or at a party in a club. You just have to look around.


GS: Would you like to tell more about how did you set up and manage your brand with your studies at such an early age??

KB:The field that I chose for myself (Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication) is what I was most comfortable in. So, basically I didn’t have to push myself a lot and cram things up. It was interesting enough for me to make a career out of my chosen field. As far as my business / brand was concerned I was privileged of being residing at a place from where I could easily handle everything related to my business, manage orders, shipment, purchasing of the stock etc. The perks of doing what you love is you don’t have to juggle that much. It’s all play with less work.


GS: Ever since I’ve known you, I’ve always seen you work in different categories, be it your Online jewellery store, working for other companies, blogging to now finally heading the India’s first Fitness-Fashion Magazine. What has been your driving force behind always changing your work spaces?

KB: I am workaholic. The problem with me is I can’t sit idle. The credit goes to my education. During my graduation, I came across a lot of different fields of work in print media, advertising etc. and my involvement in those made me congenial with this kind of a work environment where I don’t fear putting in those extra hours or work. I get my motivation from the work I do.


GS:What thought gave birth to Fitlook magazine despite the fact that it is no doubt that you have a fab fashion sense and you could’ve easily paved your way to become a really cool blogger or a stylist! What made you chose bringing out a magazine over other options??

KB: I was a really cool blogger though, just kidding. See the purpose behind choosing a magazine is to provide cool and valuable content to the readers, though they can search through internet & everything will be there but our magazine focuses on the abstract trending information rather than filling magazine with advertisements and all.

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GS: Talking about your amazing fashion sense, how would you describe your personal style?

KB: I always keep my style chic instead of simple. So, I don’t wear jeans and T-shirt, as I believe that glamour never takes a day off!


GS: Do you believe in following trends?

KB: I believe that trends are for us, but in my opinion don’t follow trends blindly and always make your style under your comfort zone.


GS: How would you describe your experience styling different celebrities?

KB: With celebrities you don’t work like for an hour or something, it takes a whole day of yours and who wouldn’t want to be with them and specially you are styling a celebrity but In my personal experience I feel more than like chilling with your friends or something while styling.


GS: Which cover has been the easiest and the toughest to style?

KB: Each and every cover for the magazine was very challenging. Dressing up celebrities for the shoot was definitely a challenge since all of them had different body types and tastes.  Every month we had a different theme keeping in mind the latest styles and trend. It was altogether an enriching and moreover a productive experience for the team.


GS: Which celebrity has been the most fun to work with??

KB: Gauahar Khan, Daisy Shah and Amrita Arora, hands down! I haven’t seen anyone so cool and chilled out like these two. Working with them was more like fun. It was a very vibrant environment with them on the shoots.


GS: We’ve always seen you trying different jobs before you found your calling. What would you like to advise people who are uncertain or not happy with their jobs but are scared to take a chance?

KB: If you want to be successful, you have to take risks. Don’t get stuck on the thought whether the field you have chosen for yourself have been made for you or not. Try and explore different fields – Give it a shot! If you’re not happy with your regular 9 to 5 job, then just switch. Don’t be afraid. Even if you sit idle for a while, you will come out of it with a lesson learnt for a lifetime!


GS: Wardrobe staples that you swear by??

KB: Shirt dresses


GS: A recent by that you are absolutely obsessed with??

KB: Moschino Bag, I carry it everywhere I go.

GS: Mascara or Liner?

KB: Mascara, for sure!


GS: Nude Lip or Bold Lip? Pick one?

KB: No bold moves, only Nudes.


GS:What does your everyday regime look like??

KB: CC cream with Moisturizer, I don’t use foundation on regular basis.


Shaping up the Eyebrows is must


GS:In the end,

What are the key points according to you that young girls should keep in mind while styling themselves?

KB: It is very important that you understand your body type. It is OK to take inspiration from others but never go overboard by copying other people. Make your own style statement. Just remember, all of you are stylish. After all only you can be your best version!


I really hope Karnika’s story inspired a lot of you guys. She surely inspires me to strive for the best always !

Stay tuned to read about many more inspiring people since I bring to you many more stories soon!

Geetika Sehgal

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    It is really inspirational..as as karnika said that she had started an online business when she was in her college. me as a college going student can’t even imagine to do all this Nd getting so much of time through my busy schedule..hats off to you karnika..may you achieve a great success ahead😊

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