Handcrafted Luxury. Diwali Series: Day-13

In today’s post, I shall be introducing you guys to a company that is working hard to achieve it’s aim that is to encourage as many people to consider naturally handcrafted products in their skincare, haircare and beauty regime.

None of the products of Ma Earth Botanicals contain artificial ingredients, chemicals or artificial fragrances. All the products are made from the highest quality essential oils, vegetable oils and unrefined butters. They are hence paraben free.

The best part is that none of the products are tested on animals!

I received a few products from the luxury range of Ma Earth Botanicals to try out and share my views on them


  1. Hair Cleanser– this product is for deep cleansing of your hair and for the nourishment of the scalp. Besides the cleansing bit, it also makes your hair looking healthier and shiny.
  1. Hair Conditioner-This conditioner works amazingly well to save make your hair softer even after the amount of pollution in the air around us. Leave it for a few minutes on wet hair and then rinse them off for shiny hair.



     3.Coconut Lime Shower Gel-Since all the products are made without the use of any chemicals, this shower gel makes sure it does not stripe off the natural oils of your skin yet cleanses your body.

4.Rose Shower Gel-To start with, this shower gel smells amazing! Besides that, it cleanses your body without making your skin feel any unnatural sensations. This gel has soothing and cooling properties because of the presence of rose essential oil. Hence, it makes for a perfect bath companion to take a hectic day off!


    5.Almond Facial Scrub– if used regularly, this scrub will help cleanse and naturally brighten your skin. It adds a radiant and natural glow to your face. Since all the ingredients are natural, it removes the dead cells without any harsh reaction on the sensitive facial skin.



You can mix the powder in the solvent of your choice-milk, rose water, etc.

So if you are the one who wants to incorporate naturally handcrafted products, Ma Earth Botanicals is a must visit for you!






They even have gift boxes available to surprise your loved ones!

Check them out-http://maearthbotanicals.com





Geetika Sehgal

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