Introducing MCaffeine-India’s First Energizing Personal Care Range: Diwali Series- Day-7


In today’s hectic world where people are so engrossed in their work that they hardly have time for themselves, it is quite a task to keep ourselves going.


It is probably the first time that a brand has thought of the work oriented youth of today’s time, who is always on the go and created products which help accelerate our productivity by taking care of our personal care needs.

MCaffeine is India’s first energizing Personal Care Range. After observing and understanding the lifestyle of today’s youth, MCaffeine and curated a full range of 7 products to help us keep fresh, energized and young and the name suggests!

Today, I will be introducing you to two products from the range-

  1. Fresh Pop Caffeine Face Wash– Formulated with caffeine, vitamins, and a refreshing citrus fragrance, this face wash when used twice a day helps you feel fresh and awake instantly. It also helps remove impurities, surface oil and dirt.

Since it contains aloe vera extracts, it also helps neutralize the effect of the polluted air hence guarding our skin from premature ageing.

The presence of their main ingredient, caffeine makes you feel fresh and awaken each time you use it.


  1. Uplift Trance Caffeine Face Cream– Use this cream once you have washed your face with the ‘Fresh Pop Caffeine Face Wash’ for a radiant and moisturized face. The consistency of this face cream is just perfect to evenly massage all over your face and neck.

Keeps you moisture for a longer time. The cream is absorbed fully into the skin due to the presence of ingredients like Shea butter and glycerin.



Also, both the products are travel friendly. The face cream tub is not heavy and sized correctly for daily use and travel purpose.

The face wash comes with a special tab that prevents the pump from any leakage during the travel time.




All in all, MCaffeine is a must try!

For more details, check it out at-





 Geetika Sehgal

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  1. Somnakshi says: Reply

    Great ! Looks like something new on the scene.
    I bet movie stars are using such products. I like starbucks so much. I want to try mcaffeine now.
    Please keep sharing such new ideas.
    Love your blog.

    1. howilike says: Reply

      Thank You so much 🙂

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