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  • Cold Pressed with Just Pressed

    I have never been a diet conscious person. Never even bothered to look towards anything on those grounds. Recently, there a lot of ‘pressed juices’ and ‘detox juices’ coming up by different brands. Just when I thought I should take a look at them, ‘Just Pressed’ happily sent me over their detox plan having 6 […]

  • Food
  • Sugar Rush

    The festive season has begun all across India and no festivity is complete without ample amount of desserts. Recently I have been really liking cake jars, cupcakes, brownies, etc. Generally, the cupcakes and iced cakes I have come across are either too sweet or tasteless. It has been really hard to find someone who can […]

  • Beauty
  • YBP Cosmetics Makeup Perfector

        For a perfectly finished look, you not only need good quality makeup but also good quality tools to blend it in. To attain a natural finish, the first things I reach for are makeup sponges. They do not leave stokes and blend everything much quicker by using less amount of product. I was recently […]